Alabama’s Buyer Beware Law for Home Buyers

Collier Swecker video blogs about Alabama’s Caveat Emptor Law (aka “Buyer Beware”) and important issues faced by home buyers and sellers in the State of Alabama. Alabama is one of the few Caveat Emptor states in the United States and the burden is generally on home buyers to inspect and find any problems in a home prior to purchasing the home and a home seller is under no obligation to affirmatively disclose any defect or problem with a home unless the defect is “latent”. A latent defect is a problem or serious issue affecting health and safety of a home that could not have been discovered by a reasonably thorough inspection prior to a sale. If you have any questions or comments about Alabama’s Caveat Emptor Law, email me at or my website at

Home Buyers That Work For Family Owned Business Face Some Mortgage Obstacles

Collier Swecker video blogs about how home buyers who are employed by a family member in a family owned business will find some additional mortgage underwriting issues that may delay the process if they are not prepared. This especially true if the borrower has the same last name as the owner of the business. Collier talks about a client who had no red flags in his mortgage application other than having the last name of the owner of the business for which he is a salaried employee with no ownership interest. It is so important if you are in this situation that you contact an experienced Mortgage Lender before you start the home buying process. If you have any comments or questions, email Collier at or visit my website at

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Should Buyers Get a Home Inspection with New Construction

Collier Swecker video blogs about how many home buyers who are purchasing a new construction home should get an independent home inspection prior to closing. I have talked to numerous home inspectors over the last few years who have indicated that they have seen a vast increase in the amount of repairs needed with new construction, due mainly to builders cutting corners to save a few dollars. There are many excellent builders and even when hiring those builders you should protect your steep investment buy spending a few hundred dollars for an independent review of the home. If you have any questions or comments about getting a home inspection when you purchase a new construction home, email me at or visit my website at

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Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware When Buying a Home in Alabama

Collier Swecker video blogs about how Alabama is one of the only remaining states that puts nearly all of the responsibility on a purchaser of a home to discover all defects of a home that will be material to a purchasers decision to buy a particular home. Simply put, buyers should make every effort to investigate issues of importance to them and not rely on others to do what they should have done to fully investigate a homes condition to their satisfaction.  After you close on the purchase of your home, a buyer cannot expect to be able to have buyers remorse and walk away from their new purchase because of an unacceptable condition that they find after closing. Almost every other state in our country has seller disclosure laws that require Sellers to disclose, in writing, the current condition of the home including latent and non-latent defects. In Alabama, only latent defects must be disclosed to prospective purchasers. An example (extreme to prove the point) of a latent defect is an unexploded bomb that is found in the homes backyard, which could cause possible physical harm to anyone living at the home.  Therefore, buyers of homes in Alabama need to make sure and have all aspects of their prospective home inspected by licensed inspectors that are specifically qualified to inspect the system or aspect of the home for which the buyer is concerned. Chinese Drywall and Mold are two areas, in particular, that you need to make sure that your inspector has been certified and/or qualified to inspect. Oh, and make sure that your inspector is insured.  If you have any comments or questions about Alabama’s Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware Law, email me at or visit my website at